Want to volunteer at the 2023 NorthWest Triman?

Do you want to volunteer and join this great family? Access the link at the end and leave us your data. You will benefit from discounts in the next edition of the race and you will have a volunteer bag with the gifts of the race. You can also participate in the activities and parties that the organization offers to all volunteers.

Advantages of being a volunteer:

1. A super bag from the volunteer🛍. You can't imagine how much you're going to use it!
2. T-shirt👕 of the NorthWest Triman 2023…Impossible not to know that you are a volunteer!
3. Vest🦺 … we have signed up for the latest trends
4. Some socks🧦...you won't be able to live without them!
5. Food🍌🍎🥪... you know it's one of our hallmarks... 18 kilos of nuts and 12 kilos of jelly beans guarantee us

5. More food... we will invite you, a few days before the test, to some skewers🍻🍤🍕🍟 with the rest of the volunteers to chat about your functions, tasks and assignment of positions...

Click here to volunteer