The competition is open to participants of any nationality, whether or not they have a federative triathlon license, and are over 20 years old. NW Triman has a civil liability insurance. Non-federated participants will be provided with a one-day license for € 12 that should be taken out on registering.

Foreign runners must pay the one-day license insurance (12 €) at the time of registration; this amount will be refunded once they send us a mail to [email protected] before June 1, with a certificate from their Federation expressly certifying that their license covers possible accidents (liabilities and issues) in the race on June 25, 2023.

Both races are under the FETRI regulations; more information in this link Regulations competition 2021


In the long distance race of the NWT we have certain limitations when it comes to placing the cut-off times, (maximum number of hours for road closure authorization, village streets etc.). But the most important issue is the federative regulations about outside temperature, not the water temperature. Statistically the departure cannot be before 8:45 and the maximum time to perform the LD race is 14:30 hours (at that time, it is already dark and there are unlit areas in the circuit, so it would be reckless to be still racing). Also as athletes we believe that if you think you cannot pass those cuts it is better for you to register in the HD. It is a demanding test and with more training and experience you could surely get it in another edition. We also have 2 additional cuts in order to open up the traffic. In Half Distance there are no cut-off times.

-Swimming time: first lap 1:05 minutes and 2 hours total time.

-Swimming cut off time +3 cycling laps: 7 hours.

-Swimming + cycling cut off time: 8 hours and 45 minutes.

-Swimming time + cycling + 3 laps run cut off time: 13 hours.

Total time: 14:30 minutes.


At the time of payment of the race, when registering, each athlete acknowledges, under his/her responsibility that he/she meets and has the physical and mental conditions and the necessary technical skills to face the competition successfully and finish each segment within the cut off times set by the organizers. Possession of the federative license neither assures nor covers this responsibility. Likewise, triathletes should also:

  1. Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of other competitors.
  2. Know and respect the competition rules.
  3. Know the courses and circuits.
  4. The participant who quits the competition is obliged to remove his/her bib and inform the referees and officials of the race.
  5. Obey the instructions of the officials.
  6. Respect traffic rules at all times.
  7. Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  8. Respect the environmental areas in which the competition is held. It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage along the circuit. This fact may be grounds of disqualification.
  9. If the event does not take place due to Covid, another date will be proposed. Participants also have the option to have their registration fee refunded, if they wish, as we did in previous editions.

In the event of meteorological causes or major causes that imply the modification of part or all of any section of the test, the organization will propose an alternative test on another distance and other routes depending on the circumstances (duathlon, aquathlon, foot race, etc), but in no case will the event be postponed to another date and the registration fee will not be refunded.

In the event of weather conditions or other major causes that imply the modification of part or all of some section of the race, the organizers will propose an alternative race with another distance and other routes depending on the circumstances (duathlon, aquathlon, run race, etc.), but in no case will the event be postponed to another date and the amount of the registration will not be refunded. In the case of a change in the date of the event, for reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as natural disasters, elections, works in the circuit, etc., the organization will propose a new date. In no case will the registration fee be refunded nor will any other expenses incurred by the participants be covered.


The organization books some places for sponsors, raffles and invitations.


Each athlete is responsible for his/her own equipment and must check that its characteristics comply with these regulations. In addition, he/she must use, without modification, all the bibs and identification elements provided by the organization. Bibs are forbidden in the swimming segment (even placed inside the wetsuit), they shall be compulsorily positioned, so that they are perfectly visible during the bike and run course. Participants may not compete with a bare torso, except in the swimming segment. The lower body shall be adequately covered at all times. The two straps of the garment covering the trunk shall be correctly positioned over both shoulders.


Participants may not receive any type of aid, either externally or between them, other than of that established by the organization in the areas determined. Competitors cannot be accompanied or supported from boats, vehicles or on foot.


Timing will be done with Emesports devices. All participants will be given a chip with an anklet along with their bib number. You must return it at the end (Both the chip and the anklet, in case of loss €12 will be paid before removing the bike and the material).
The chip will be mandatory throughout the test.
The total time of each triathlete is the one that is counted from the moment of starting until the end of the competition. The time spent between transitions enters into the total time.


  • There will be trophies for the first three absolute male and female triathletes.
  • There will be trophies in the following categories: Under 23 Veteran 1, Veteran 2 and Veteran 3 both male and female. And the best male and female club, in both distances.
  • Best male and female athlete from As Pontes
  • A classification by age groups will also be drawn up.
  • Half Distance trophies will be awarded at 14:00 hours and Long Distance trophies at 21:30 hours.




1st Absolute Male 500€

2nd Absolute Male 300€

3rd Absolute Male 200€

1st Absolute Female €500€

2nd Absolute Female 300€

3rd Absolute Female 200€


1st Absolute Male 250€

2nd Absolute Male 150€

3rd Absolute Male 100€

1st Absolute Female 250€

2nd Absolute Female 150€

3rd Absolute Female 100€

All prizes are subject to the corresponding tax deductions, according to the law.


All participants must be properly identified to take part in the competition. This identification will be made, when required by the organizer, the technical delegate or the referees and officials, by means of the valid federal license or ID card. Each participant may use only the space marked with their bib number, as well as its access and exit corridors. The individual space may not be marked with elements that help to be identified (ribbons or chalk on the floor, balloons, towels, etc.). It is forbidden to cycle in the transition areas. All participants must circulate through the transition areas according to the established traffic by the organizer. Shortening the route through the transition area (crossing under the supports, jumping over the areas reserved for each participant, etc.) is not permitted and will be penalized with a yellow card.


There will be a women's category, a men's category and a club category in which the 3 best times of each triathlete from that club will be added up.


All participants must pass the materials checking and pick up the competition bib on Saturday. This check will be carried out by the official referees at the entrance of the transition area. During the materials control, referees and officials will observe the following:

  • The regulatory and safety conditions of neoprene, if it is permitted or mandatory.
  • The cycling material, especially the bicycle (MTB, hybrid or touring bikes are not allowed) and the helmet.

Possession and proper positioning of all the numbers that the organizer and the technical delegate consider appropriate.


Water Temperature: Depending on the water temperature, the use of neoprene may be mandatory, optional or prohibited. The referees will determine the temperature of the water one hour before the start and will proceed according to 2023 regulations. Every year we have swum with neoprene and the temperature was between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius.


Mandatory equipment for the swimming segment consists of:

  • Garment that adequately covers the body.
  • Athletes must wear the cap provided by the organization.
  • Neoprene, when water temperature circumstances so require. The use of any element of neoprene when the isothermal suit ban is decreed. Artificial aids, such as the use of paddles, mittens, fins, snorkels, etc. are not permitted. Hands and feet must be uncovered. Swimming goggles are permitted.

The participant can swim in the style they want.


NO DRAFTING event. It is absolutely forbidden tailgating another athlete or a vehicle during the bike course.

The bicycle draft zone is a rectangle area, 12m long and 3m wide. Athletes must keep this space between bikes clear in order not to violate the drat zone. An athlete may enter the draft zone to overtake the cyclist riding ahead of him. You have 25 seconds to perform this maneuver. The athlete who has been overtaken has 5 seconds to fall 10m behind. However, tailgating will be possible in the following exceptional and momentary situations. Always under the decision of the referees and officials controlling the race.

  • In an overtaking.
  • In the Aid Station.
  • At the entrance or exit of the transition area.
  • In sharp turns and for safety reasons.
  • When a triathlete is being overtaken, he is forced to leave the drafting zone of the triathlete who is overtaking him. It is forbidden to cut off the path of other triathletes and as a general rule, always ride on the right side of the road, except in those areas indicated and enabled by the organization. The use of the bib is mandatory in this part of the race.

Traffic will be completely closed to vehicles and will be controlled by the organization, the Guardia Civil, the Local Police and Civilian Protection.

Traffic regulations must be observed at all times and failure to comply with them will result in a penalty.


It will be mandatory for the running sector:

  • Clothes that adequately cover the body.
  • Bib number supplied by the organizers, which must be visible at all times on the front of the participant. And any other element that the organizer, in agreement with the Technical Delegate, considers appropriate (wristbands, double bib, etc.).
  • It is forbidden to use the helmet in the run course.
  • The use of headphones is not allowed during any course of the race.
  • Participants may not be accompanied during this course. Penalties will be applied for violating these rules, including disqualification if he/she does not rectify the situation.