TOURS 2022



The 3.8 km will be swum in the Lago de As Pontes, the largest artificial lake in Europe, in a circuit of 1.9 Mtrs. to which we will give two laps. The water conditions are ideal both for temperature and for its calm state.

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180 km to a 45 km circuit to complete 4 laps. A route with slides and very fast sections, good asphalt and a very wide road. The circuit will be with closed traffic.

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The aid stations of cycling, approximately every 20 km, with the following product:

  • Aquabond water
  • DECATHLON APTONIA energy bars
  • bananas
  • Powerade isotonic drink

Many of you ask us what the bike circuit is like, since you know the importance of this sector both when it comes to achieving good times and when deciding which developments to wear or which aero material to decide on.

Many times the altimetry shown by our beloved gps devices do not accurately reflect the hardness or not of the route, since there you do not see the roughness of the surface, the wind, the meters of ascent if they are with speed or not, if the descents are dangerous , if the roundabouts are deep etc… That is why from the organization of this event, and being long distance triathletes with experience, we are going to try to reflect in this article what the NW triman bike circuit is like, and we also leave you three platforms so that you could see different altimetries that have come out, and also a GPX file so that those of you who have it can use it in the Bkool.

It is a circuit with four equal laps, except for the first one, which is the exit from the lake and which is only done on the first lap, so you should not multiply by four the altimetry that comes out in the links, since they are 100 meters positive more or less.

There are 45 km round trip circuit along the same road. Departure from the lake doing 1 km to leave it with a climb of about 700 meters with a narrow paved road, we reach the main road and we will go around As Pontes passing through two roundabouts, the first straight ahead and the second we have to turn towards the left so you have to stop pedaling, in total about 3km flat. And there begins the only elevation of the test with an excellent and rolling asphalt, it begins at 320 meters of altitude and ends at 450 meters of altitude, that is to say, it climbs in 3km 130 meters. With a medium level it is easy to climb even without compact with the 39/23 and at about 20km per hour. And from there the rest of the km are flat or false flat, with some slope that starts with a high speed and that you add positive meters more easily. There are only two more roundabouts, both are huge (the typical ones under highways), the first one will follow towards Villalba when going.

Being a round-trip circuit, the outward route is somewhat more difficult than the return circuit, which tends to go down, and which will be great on the last lap to be able to loosen our legs before getting off to run. The 90% of the time can be coupled, so our recommendation is in terms of development it can be carried without problem 39/25. Since we will only put it 3km per lap. If you bring perfect compact. As for wheels and couplings, goat 100%, aero helmet and as for wheels, I would carry all possible armament, lenticular and 80 in front, although it will depend on the wind that day. And there you already know how Galicia is an unpredictable wonder!

We hope we have solved some doubts and if you have more, do not hesitate to send us an email or ask us on our Facebook.

Bike Circuit 2022


The 42,195 meters of the marathon will go through a practically flat walk, you only have to go up to the lake once, and there will be 4 laps of a circuit of 10 km approx.




The aid stations of the foot race, approximately every 2.5 km, with the following product:

  • Aquabond water
  • jellies
  • Salt tablets, DECATHLON APTONIA
  • Assorted dried fruits
  • Energy bars
  • bananas
  • oranges
  • Powerade isotonic drink