Now that we have the protocols accepted by the Xunta, we are going to break down the NWT 21. Remind you that everything has changed in this COVID world, that weddings, concerts, football... have been suspended. that depending on which community, or which sport or which sector there are some measures or others. We can assure you that the only thing that will not change is the passion of these NO DRAFT triathlon freaks for offering you the best possible test within all the restrictions they impose on us.
Do not worry that we will send you the Triathlete's guide by email this next week with everything detailed (we will also post it on the web).
Of course and like every year you can park inside the lake 200 meters from the start/finish, both on Saturday to pick up numbers and leave the bike, and on Sunday to compete, and there will be a designated area for MOTORHOMES like every year.
To continue training there are 23 days left! 🏊🚴🏃
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