Dear triathletes,

Given the successive extensions of the state of alarm and the uncertainty about when and how we will be able to return to living with a certain normality, we believe that we must anticipate, and responsibly communicate as soon as possible, the impossibility of being able to celebrate the Northwest Triman on June 28 before the lack of health, social and sports guarantees (the Fetri has communicated that it will not resume its competitions before July), since the health and safety of all of you and our community must now be the only priority.

After evaluating all the available dates, and agreeing with the different authorities of both the City Council, Traffic and the Galician Triathlon Federation, we have decided to postpone the race for the day 4th of October.

Of course, and how could it be otherwise, a period will be opened to request the Return of the 100% of the registration to all triathletes who cannot come on the new date, whether or not they have contracted cancellation insurance.

We believe that it is a suitable date, since we move it away as much as possible. In this way, and even putting ourselves in the situation that the confinement will be extended, we will have the whole summer to reset, plan our training calmly, and thoroughly prepare ourselves to enjoy the race.

We have also taken into account the weather statistics for recent years and for that particular day. The temperature of the water in the Lake on that date is always better, about 3 degrees, and the outside, wind and rain very similar to June.

For this to those registered in the 2020 edition of the Northwest Triman we propose these 2 alternatives:


  • Keep registration for October 4. You will automatically be on the final list for the new date, so you do not have to do anything.
  • Refund of the 100% of the registration fee and the one-day license. Those who do not like the new date, or who for any other reason, cannot or do not want to participate, will be refunded the full amount of the registration, including the one-day license, since that service has not been used.
  1. For those who NO contracted the total Cancellation Insurance contracted, a period of 16 days from April 15 to 30to request a refund of the registration. They recover the 100% of the registration and one-day license, as long as they notify us within the indicated period.
  2. For those who YES contracted the “Total Cancellation Insurance” Service, the refund request period is extended with a deadline of September 4 and thus recover the 100% of the registration and one-day license.


To manage the return you must send us an email to [email protected] with your data, and we will respond to all of you individually.

In addition, for all those without cancellation insurance who continue to register to compete in the race on October 4, we have also extended the initial cancellation and return policy. In other words, as of May 2, the 75% would be returned to you until July 4 or the 50% if you notify us before August 4.

For our part, as athletes before organizers, the triathlon serves as a means to escape, to stay in shape, to travel, to seek goals or take our body and mind to the limit. We would not know how to live without it, that is why after many days of virtual meetings, conversations and reflections, we believe that the logical, honest and responsible thing to do is to give you all the facilities so that you can consider your sports calendar and if now you are not "there" to think in sports, return the 100% to you, without you having to be further harmed, after having lost so much time in training and preparation due to confinement. The spirit of our/your career, has always been the attention and facilities to the athlete, a race "For and By the Athlete", You have been the ones who have made us get here, and those who have given us your trust and want May this always remain so.


We send you our love, all the strength and encouragement for the time that we have left of confinement, take good care of yourselves, both you and your families and we will cross our fingers so that this situation ends as soon as possible.


A big hug to all and we hope to see you on October 4 at our beloved lake, in As Pontes.


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