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-The registration opening will be at 00:01 on October 1 (Night from Monday to Tuesday).
– The date (June 28) is two weeks later than usual to “ensure” better water temperature and that you can come from afar with the family, so the children will have finished classes.
– BOTH DEPARTURES will be later (8:45 and 9:00) you will not have to get up so early, especially those who sleep in Coruña, Ferrol, Santiago, Vigo etc.. and although this It is the 7th edition and there was only fog in one, it is a way to "improve" that contingency, less cold and more sun than at 7:15, you will swim even if you have to wait to start ☺️
– We would love for all of you to get a place, but they are limited to 750 between both distances to maintain the essence of the triathlon without Drafting, remind you that each year they are covered in minutes, we will put the direct link shortly both here and in the web.
– The waiting list will open on the same platform the day after each distance is covered, and the exact day and time will be communicated, as well as the direct link.
– Now you have a week to think about whether you will do the DM or the LD, and how you are going to tell your partner……


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