A classic so you don't forget anything and don't mess it up….😜
A few notes:
+ The bicycle bib is not mandatory by law, but the Judge / Technical Delegate decides whether to make it mandatory or recommended. In MD and LD it is usually recommended to make it easier for the competitors to see if the rival is the same distance or not (the bibs are of different colors) and facilitate drafting sanctions. From behind on the motorcycle the judge would not see the offender. In the Triman it has always been Mandatory.
+ The chip we use is the yellow championchip, if you have it, bring it, otherwise you will have been automatically assigned a white one and it will go directly into the bag with the number and you will compete with it. When you pick up your bib number (remember to bring your DNI) you will be able to check on a reader if your chip is operational and your data. If for whatever reason you forget your yellow chip, do not worry, we will assign you a temporary one for free.
+When you put the material in the Bike Park on Saturday, it is obligatory to enter with the helmet on with the stickers, etc., but it is not necessary to leave it there that night.
+To those who come from the South 😍 We remind you that it can be “chilly” here first thing in the morning, so bring a variety of competition clothing, sleeves, vests, etc. and then you decide. This year we will give away a sweatshirt to everyone just in case.

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