So that you are calm, we provide you with the explanation and plans of both transitions (do not worry, we will explain it again and answer questions in the technical talk, and in the bike park there are always judges indicating the directions, etc.. it is the same as every year)
T1: We will leave the water, 15 meters of sand and 30 meters of carpet to the Bike Park which is grass. We will go DIRECTLY to our box, there you will have the bike and a basket with everythingyour material, you take off your neoprene, you put on your helmet and bib number and with the bike in hand you go to the end and turn left to go through the compensation corridor and continue to the assembly area where there will be a judge who It will indicate that we can now get on the bike.
T2: We arrive on the bike and get off before the disassembly line, the judge will continue there . With the bike in hand we will go directly to our box, we leave the bike, we take off our helmet, we change and we run to the end, we turn right to take the compensation corridor and start the race on foot.
Frequent questions:
+ The number in this test is mandatory on the bike (in order to control the drafting) carry it on the carrier backwards. Once we start running put it forward.
+ Although most of you use trisuit under the Neoprene, if you want to change completely (dress as a cyclist or a runner) you must use the two tents inside the Bike Park. By regulation, you cannot be naked (if in a swimsuit), or use ponchos, towels... to change, you have to use the changing tables.

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