Yesterday's post was the swimming circuit, because today I bike. Although we have carried out many Training Camps these 4 years so that you could get to know the circuit, there are always people from far away who are unable to attend, so we are going to try to explain what you are going to find. The Bike Park is next to the lake beach, just 50 meters from the swimming start, inside you will have two tents in case you want to change withcompletely, and there will be volunteers to put sun cream on you etc.. to join the 44 km circuit you have to do an approximate kilometer with 300 hard meters of ascent (this link is only done once to leave and once to enter) and you already get into the circuit that has a slope of 340D+ per lap. You can carry 53×39 without problem and all the aerodynamic material you have (if the wind doesn't blow). The first 4 km of the circuit is flattened to then leave As Pontes with a climb of the 4% for 2.8km, then slides that tend to climb until the turning point at km 22 approx. The turn tends to go down and is much faster. The aid stations are at km 1 and 22, that is, at each turning point, which is where you will go the slowest, to make it easier for you. The Penalty Box and bike repair area at km 43. Except for the 1 km junction to leave and enter the Lake (be careful when going down the last corner), the rest of the surface of the circuit is excellent, rolling, wide and with a lot of maple
Last year's winner in MD did an average of 39km/hr and that of LD 37. It is a spectacular circuit completely closed to traffic, to destroy the Bielas!

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