Can I enter with my loved ones? You already know that there is a tradition of entering the finish line with your children, or loved ones, it is a way to make them participate in the emotion that we feel as triathletes and give them back "a little" the "stolen" time. It is normal that by regulation it is prohibited, since there are people who want to sprint, etc. and it may not be safe.
We as triathletes believe in the "final spirit" of that moment, and therefore WE WILL HAVE 2 ARCHES OF GOAL. The first arch will be where the timing mat will be and where time will stop and the race FINISHES, and then there will be the second arch, the celebration arch, «THE CORRIDOR OF GLORY» It will be 25 meters where the that you want you can take your little ones through an enabled area and enter the finish line for the final photo under the clock, calmly, without leaving stopping the heart rate monitor, simply enjoying that much-desired moment!


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