Thanks for getting up early, thanks to those of you who stayed until the end, thanks to those of you who endured the cold, to those of you who smiled when we asked how you were, to those of you who played the bagpipes, to those of you with the cowbell, to those of you who shouted , to those who encouraged, to those who despite the tiredness helped us to pick up. Thank you each and everyone, thank you!!

We would like to have a day to try to return your effort, althoughWe know that we will not succeed, at least try to reciprocate in some way.

So we will prepare a snack, dinner with paella etc... and a party for all the volunteers in As Pontes, in addition to the raffles for dinner, cinema, hotel nights, sports equipment etc... and we will give you the cup! Of course the draw is for everyone even if you don't attend, and you can ask the people of As Pontes and Oscar the people of Coruña for the cup. It will be in the Ribeira Nova, where the farthest turning point was on the circuit on foot. To go there by car you will have to go to the municipal sports pavilion, and from there take the road to the encoro da Ribeira. From the pavilion there is a kilometer.

The day will be Saturday, July 16 at 7:00 p.m. We will coincide with the beginning of the Carmen de As Pontes festivities 😉. They play Noya's Paris and the Dominican Combo. So PARTY!!

Please, do not miss and confirm attendance as soon as possible or by clicking «I WILL ATTEND» In this event or by sending an email to [email protected]


Victor, Ricardo, Oscar and Pablo

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