Seventh Edition of the NORTHWEST TRIMAN the only Ironman distance triathlon in Galicia, and at the same time as in previous years a half distance triathlon on the same day June 27, 2021.

It is held in the largest artificial lake in Europe in As Pontes, 50km from the city of A Coruña. A people overturned with the event and the organizers, triathletes themselves, have turned us into the best valued triathlon event in Galicia. An idyllic place with a course completely closed to traffic to enjoy a NO Drafting Triathlon at an unbeatable price.

We will open registrations on October 1, 2020 at 00:00, there will be a registration tab where you will have all the price ranges and a link to formalize your participation for the year 2021.

Join us next June and we will help you to be FINISHER!

The municipality of As Pontes is located in the inland north of Galicia, northeastern sector of the province of A Coruña. To the east and southeast it is bordered by the municipalities of Muras and Xermade in Lugo, to the southwest by Monfero in A Coruña, to the west by Capela, San Sadurniño and Somozas and to the north by Ortigueira and Mañón. With an area of 246.60 km, As Pontes is the largest municipality in the province and the eleventh largest in Galicia. It is currently made up of 13 parishes: As Pontes, Aparral, Deveso, O Freixo, Vilabella, Somede, A Faeira, Bermui, Espiñaredo, Eume, Ribadeume, Seoane and Goente. The backbone of this municipality is the river Eume which has a length of 77 km and is precisely the one that offers the hydraulic wealth of the area.

The magnificent outline of three natural areas of utmost importance, the strength of mining, history, art and soil recovery methods speak of As Pontes as a tourist destination of the first magnitude. The exploitation of the lignite mine on a large scale began in 1942 and specifically in 1976, with the installation of the Endesa thermal power station, one of the largest buildings in Galicia and the tallest chimney in Europe.

Long before in 1376, Henrique II of Castile granted the lordship of the town of As Pontes to the knight García Rodríguez de Valcárcel. Remains of this period can still be seen in the old quarter and on the medieval bridges that gave it its name to the town.


The best way to access As Pontes by road is the A-64 motorway which runs from Lugo to Ferrol via Villalba. Another route that is gaining special relevance is the road that links As Pontes with Puentedeume and Cabanas - AC-141 -. Leaving the centre of the town and heading north, the road - AC-101 - crosses the "Serra da Faladoira", passing through various natural spots until it reaches Ortigueira

The roads of the regional network that are located in or pass through this municipality are the following:

  • The high-capacity road (VAC) AG-64 Ferrol-Villalba.
  • The AC-101 road belonging to the secondary network.
  • The AC-831 road previously called C-641, belonging to the basic primary network.
  • The AC-118 road belongs to the secondary network and is part of the old C-641 that was replaced by a bypass.

The provincial network, together with some municipal roads, form a second level in the communications network of the municipality, complementing the regional network.

Most of these roads start their route from the regional roads, providing access to the main population settlements in the municipality. Thus, from the AC-101 road which runs through the northern half of the municipality, there are six provincial roads which give access to the main settlements, which are the following: CP-7009; CP-7010; CP-7008; CP-7007; CP-7006, CP- 7005 and CP-7004.

In the southern part of the municipality there are other provincial roads such as: CP-1802; CP-7001; CP-7002; CP-7003.

If you are flying in, the nearest airports are Alvedro, in A Coruña and Lavacolla, in Santiago de Compostela.