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A lot has happened since that month of March 2013, when the Council of As Pontes contacted us to launch a sporting event that would help publicize and promote the lake.

In these years we have seen our children born, we have seen them grow, graduate and begin their vital projects, on this long road we have seen our loved ones leave, people who have given everything for us and thanks to whom we are who we are. .

In these almost 10 years we have seen how our friends have been conquering their dreams and building their vital projects, we have also seen our colleagues and companions of fatigue, from the different clubs of which we are a part, leave their skin during each training session to achieve its small, and sometimes not so small, challenges.

While all this was happening, that event that we devised in 2013, little by little, was gaining strength. An event devised by four sports lovers designed for athletes that was born with the sole intention of being a meeting space, fun and yes, also sacrifice and effort.

Today, 10 years later, with thousands of hours of work behind us, with a lot of time stolen from our partners, our children, our families and friends, with four backpacks full of unforgettable stories, with the satisfaction of a job well done, With the pride of knowing that we have managed to find a place for ourselves in the hearts and calendars of many triathletes, not only from Spain, but from other parts of Europe, it's time to stop. Sometimes it is necessary to stop to continue advancing, and that moment has arrived for us, it is a decision already made before the 2023 edition, and that the entire team knew about.

With sadness but with the certainty that we are doing the right thing, we inform you that in 2024 the NorthWest Triman will not be held. It is time to take a break, spend time, take care of ourselves and, above all, gain strength to face new challenges. It's not goodbye, it's see you soon!

Thank you all for following us in this madness!


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